Tahu Gejrot


Tahu gejrot is originated from Cirebon, a port city in northern coast of West Java bordering the province of Central Java. This tiny city contributes to many famous dishes known throughout Indonesia, such as empal gentong, mi koclok, nasi lengko, tahu petis, docang, and of course, tahu gejrot.


Tahu gejrot is a very simple dish to make, especially if you have access to freshly made deep fried tofu, which in Indonesia is not a problem at all. To this fried tofu, you make a simple sauce of garlic, shallot, Thai chilies, salt, palm sugar, water, and sweet soy sauce. Some people like to add vinegar to this, but I am in the camp who opt out from using vinegar. If you do want the vinegar version, just add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to the recipe when making the sauce.



Dede Nana  Suhana, S.Kom

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